Thursday, April 14, 2011

On to the fun stuff

I've been in Korea for about 26 hours now. And loved almost every minute! What I didn't love was the taxi ride, or any of the driving for that matter. Some of you may know that I have anxiety about being a passenger in a car... and that's just in the US. 

Korea has hit a whole new level of psychotic driving. Without swearing (okay, well, I don't speak Korean, but my driver didn't say a word (because he didn't know English) in any language and people were incredibly rude)! They tailgate like no other, merge into a lane that already has a car pretty much alongside them and dodge and race through traffic like madmen. In about the last few minutes of my 30 minute taxi ride I started to relax because I realized the driver could handle the crazies. 

I fell asleep at about 6pm, 30 minutes after I got to Alyssa's apartment. Had about three hours of much needed sleep -- I'd been travelling for 20 hours straight without much more than 20 minute naps occasionally. When she got home, we went to a pizza place across the street. We got potato pizza, which was fabulous! It actually had a slice of potato on it with corn and an amazing but different sauce. 

This morning, Alyssa and I worked on her teaching stuff and at 2pm she went to work while I had a sandwich (that was also fabulous) from a shop nearby. From there, I went down the main drag and just window shopped. I took lots of pictures. 

The thing is though, my 1Gb SD card can only hold about 600 pictures. I didn't think that through very well because it filled up while I was on the train from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport (I had pictures on it from 1.5 years ago) with five pictures. I was stunned that I had filled it and worried that I left the SD card at home. Realizing that I had 300 pictures from my apartment, The Echo, last year that detailed the quality of all parts of the apartment and 300 other random pictures, I emptied it last night into Alyssa's computer (sorry about that by the way! I'll get rid of most of it before I leave!). I now have a budget of about 50 pictures per day. But I'll be here for 15 days (I think), so that's more than capacity. We'll see. Today I took 40 pictures while walking around. 

I've been on my own since two (and it's 5:19pm now), so I'd say I walked for about two hours. I'm lucky (and proud of myself) to have a good sense of direction when walking or driving (not while a passenger, though). Besides, you always know that you can turn around and walk back to where you started. I circled different areas and found a beautiful church, that relieved me because I was wondering if I was getting lost but knew that I had seen that cross from Alyssa's window. 

The church was beautiful and I'm jealous of their worship area. I'm so thankful that churches let anyone in, because I was about to pee myself. I had had a 16oz. Caramel Mcciato (no, not a typo -- well it is, but not on my end -- that's what was typed on the menu) from Moon Coffee an hour earlier. 

And I found my way back after window shopping, regretfully turning down shopkeepers' hopeful looks when I took the window shopping inside, being a tourist and stopping at random places to take pictures (see evidence below). 

Generally I was an awesome tourist that now has a blister on each big toe and feels great! I hope all is well at home! 
Heart Leslie 

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  1. was the taxi driver as crazy as aruba or cancun? and you & I have a control issue when it comes to being a rider so unfortunately, it may not go away even with your crazy experiences. you will settle right back into your routine here. just thinkin.
    funny about your memory card since you are nuts about taking pictures, really, 212 the first day of Kadence's appearance!


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