Monday, April 11, 2011

This Morning

Well, here I am again. In front of my computer. It is a very dangerous thing to have access to the internet almost constantly and a blog about your thoughts. I find myself thinking of things that I want to write on here, rather than just having normal thoughts throughout the day. The random thoughts and bunny trails my mind has and goes on now have a purpose. It's kind of fun. 

I've found that I hate our dishwasher. Things have to be cleaned before they go in. When 'clean' dishes come out, they have black specs and gunk all over them. It kind of weirds me out. I know it's sanitary, but how sanitary can something be if it has leftover food flecked on it?

I woke up this morning thinking about Korea. It's starting to feel real. I'm not sure if anyone else has really experienced this to the length that I do, but when something very different is coming, and I know it's coming, it doesn't feel real until it happens. It was like graduating. I didn't think it was that big of a deal, or even anything to worry/think about, until I was waiting for my turn to shake hands with the President of WWU and take my degree. Then it felt real, and I kept grinning. 

I think Korea will be the same. Even now, seventeen hours until we leave for Seatac, twenty-one hours until my flight, I don't feel much different. My suitcase is finally half full upstairs. I'll have plenty of room for all the crap I'll not need but have to bring. When I'm on the plane, maybe, it will feel like it's actually happening. I land in San Francisco for an hour and a half layover. Not enough time to visit friends down there, but enough time to actually have breakfast. 

I still need to go to the bank, library and my parents, then back to my house for a skype date. The library doesn't open til ten so I figured this blog would help me pass the time. Whatdyano?! It worked!

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