Monday, April 25, 2011

A walk with God

I think I just royally screwed up. But God is gracious, and I have to take comfort in that. 

I set aside today as a Sabbath. I haven't really taken one since I got to Korea and since it's my last little while here, and several people encouraged me to, I took a day for the Lord. 

It's been a pretty slow day, but good. I actually left the apartment with seeing a movie at the theater in mind, but God definitely put a stop to that plan. So I decided to take a leisurely walk around Gimpo. It was interesting; and I turned a different direction than I had in the past (literally). The last time I hit the T corner on that road, I had turned right, this time I went left. There were a lot of students around. I assume school was just getting out because it was a little after 4pm. 

I was just walking along when I realized one of the kids, who was about ten years old, was talking to me. I saw right away that he probably wasn't a student because he didn't have a uniform on. He looked a little scruffy, like no one was taking care of him -- no one making him wash his face, brush his hair, etc. 

It sounded like he said "America", so I said "Yes, I'm from America." When he didn't understand, I repeated myself. He finally said "Ah, America juseyo." I nodded. He said "Canada?" "No, USA." He responded, "Me-guk!"

While this was going on, I was trying to continue on my slow walk. He stepped in front of me a couple times to stop me from moving ahead. I lifted me hands a bit as I said "Yes, Me-guk." And he grabbed my hands -- not hard, he just held them for barely ten seconds and stepped close. I don't know what he was doing but I got really nervous and stepped away. I said, "I'm going to go. Annyoung-eegeyseyo." Then for the next two blocks, I obsessively checked my pockets and purse to see if there was something missing. 

I really didn't and don't know what he was doing. About four blocks away, I remembered the verse in James about serving the widows and orphans. And I wondered if he was an orphan. Then I remembered Jesus speaking about those he will see in Heaven. Some will be told that they saw him and clothed him, fed him, so he would acknowledge those people. Others were told they ignored him when he needed food or clothing. The ones that are told they didn't clothe Jesus will ask "When did I see you and not clothe you?" and Jesus answers that whenever they walked past someone in need they rejected him as well. And whenever they fed the hungry, they fed Jesus. 

Sheesh. I feel like such an idiot. I wish I had done something. I'm not sure what, but I think God really wanted me to do something. 

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