Thursday, May 19, 2011

Been a While

Sorry about that. I haven't had much time since getting back to the states to blog about anything. I should probably mention that my last few days in Korea were amazing. I really had a lot of fun staying in Gimpo and hanging out with Alyssa. 

I saw my first Korean rainstorm (which wasn't worse than the average day in the Pacific Northwest) and had potato pizza for the second time. I noticed that saying "Take out the meat" or "Gogi beh juseyo" does not actually mean take out the seafood also. And apparently pork doesn't count either. But I can deal... sort of. I didn't eat the noodles that had about a thousand baby shrimp in it. There was also a giant shrimp on top of everything... with black, beady eyes. I just got a shiver. Yuck!

Easter was also fabulous. I went to Alyssa's church, Onurri, which is an international mega-church. They have a great pastor that spoke about forgiveness vs. bitterness. It was good to hear. I am sad that he didn't read the resurrection. But I did that on my own, so no worries.

Getting back to work has been interesting. The fact that it's almost 70 degrees outside doesn't help me get much done. I'm finally getting a tan! That's pretty much my only goal during the summer. I'm too claustrophobic for tanning beds (they just cause cancer anyway), where I live there's about 250 days of rain each year, and tanning lotions are lame (if you use pho-tan lotion, no offense. I just think it's called 'fake' for a reason). 

Anyway, I am ready for a bike ride in this sunny weather!