Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gahhhhh Stress!!!

I'm feeling it! 

School starts tomorrow morning and I'm procrastinating by watching Hancock. One of my profs emailed the syllabus so I have just been waiting on the others to email me... completely forgetting that there's such a thing as Blackboard online where all of our assignments and class info are accessible. 

I need to be up at 7:20 and my internal alarm is at 8am  so this will be an interesting morning. It will throw off my whole day, I know it. I won't be hungry at the right time, but I'll have to eat anyway. I'll still have a wet head when I get to class (and yes, I have tried blow drying my hair, it just gets fluffy and frizzy). And I will soon have homework.

I've actually already started some of it. My class had a reading assignment posted for the first day. And I just realized that there is much more to this reading than I thought at first glance. 

I'm super nervous. I have two zits on the tip of my nose. I'm going to have to wear cover up for the first time in a month. I don't like being uncomfortable. Not at all. 

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