Friday, June 17, 2011

New Beginnings

Wow, what a cliched title.

But it's true at the moment. I'll be starting the MBA program on Monday. I won't be working during school. I will be living off of savings and plasma donations. Which means I am incredibly stressed out. 

It doesn't occur to me how stressed I am until I start thinking about school and preparing for it. Then everything comes flooding back. 

I'm a couple thousand short of being able to survive the year. I have an amazing family, but I'm still struggling to live independently. 

I will be fine, no matter what. And it bothers me that I'm this worried about money when I have God. I also am annoyed with myself for having another iPad craving. It's pretty ridiculous to want a $700 tablet computer when you're not sure if you'll have gas money in six months. That $700 will get me quite a ways (now that I've found the pun here, I'm gonna say 'pun intended').

It's my materialistic side coming out. And I hate it. I have all these justifications for why I need an iPad, but I've gone through life perfectly fine without it. I will survive. And I'll survive without a bag attached to my bike. 

I'm obsessed with all this extra stuff that is really unnecessary (yes, I work in the Department of Redundancy Department). And I'm just upset with myself. 

So, you get to read about my stupid self and probably are bored senseless by it. Sorry 'bout that.

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