Monday, January 23, 2012

Chateau Cos d'Estournel

I was able to make it on a Chateau visit through the wine association, AOC, at BEM (Bordeaux Management School). It's very competitive to get in, and it was spectacular. The chateau was influenced by Indian architecture.

Chateau Cos d'Estournel. 
About one hour outside of Bordeaux, France.  

I'm guessing the grape fields look much better when it's not the end of winter. 

Interesting grass and brick design outside. 

Who knew a door could be so ornate and beautiful?

Demonstrative of the Indian influence. 

I have never seen so much wine in my life - especially not in barrels! 
This picture only shows about a quarter of the room we were in. The entire place was full of these barrels, wall-to-wall underneath the sky bridge we were on. 

For Dad 

An entire room full of wine from this Chateau. 
Every year was represented, I believe, since the early 1800s. 
Too bad red wine isn't good after one hundred years, according to the tour guide. 

The original founder of the Chateau. 

The bottle of wine we tasted... 130 euros. 

And I don't like red wine. It was a sad day, indeed. I really wish I loved it. The wine was supposed to taste like cinnamon and raspberries. I tasted dirt with a hint of cinnamon.

I hope to go on many more Chateau visits. The wine association has them almost every week on Thursdays. But to sign up is incredibly competitive. We are all on our computers or cell phones, ready for 12:30 on Tuesday, when the application opens up online. Then it's first come, first served by email.

This was also a great way to meet new, international, friends. I hope to visit one of those new friends in Germany soon! I will definitely be going to Munich and Berlin - and the Deutches Museum because of a recommendation (Thank you, Aunt Marilee!!).

I love meeting new people from all over.

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