Monday, January 23, 2012

A Couple Days in Bordeaux

I am going to combine a few things I've done and seen because it's been a while since I posted anything.

Rue Saint Catherine is basically the biggest and nicest shopping street in Bordeaux. It is full of shops and this month is a huge sale across all stores in Europe. I am blown away by some of the prices... and sometimes by some of the original prices (the sale only brings some clothing prices into the 'normal' range, or slightly affordable). I have managed to avoid a shopping spree and have bought one long knit shirt and some slippers (I was getting massive slivers from the old wood floors in my bedroom so I needed some rubber soled slippers for the house - yes, I look like a granny!).

Rue Ste. Catherine
I'm only disappointed I didn't think to take a picture about an hour earlier. 
It was like Black Friday, but France style - a little more pushy. 

I also took a walk around Meriadeck and Gambetta (neighborhoods in Bordeaux near where I live). I found some beautiful architecture:

This is near around the back side of Hotel de Ville (which means City Hall). 

This is the church in Hotel de Ville's square, I think. Might be called Primatiale Saint-Andre (I may have my locations mixed up, though). 

I look at these trees and can't help thinking, "Whomping willows!" (nerd moment!)

All in all, I really enjoy walking around and seeing what there is to see. But I am very excited about my coming week in Rome! I may try to go farther north in Italy, but we'll see how my money holds out! 

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