Saturday, January 7, 2012


I hope to keep this blog updated with pictures and what has been going on while I'm in France for the next six months. This blog is for family and friends and anyone else who stumbles upon it.

It was a grueling process (it seemed like) to get to France: figuring out my visa, housing and flight was difficult. But I am so glad to be here! I arrived in Bordeaux, France three days ago after 24 hours of travel and three days without sleep. I did the economical route. Shuttle from Bellingham Airport to SeaTac, SeaTac to Chicago O'Hare, Chicago to Madrid, Madrid to Bordeaux. My longest flight was 7.5 hours. And I had the best seat in the house!

I know that's probably blurry, but can you see that there was no seat in front of me?! Amazing!! I felt bad because the guy behind me was the height of a pro basketball player. Oh, well. I really wanted that seat after 4 hours squashed in the window seat trying not to touch the guy beside me that was a bit to large for the seat.

The day I arrived was spent hanging out on BEM's campus. This is the school I'll be studying at, all English courses, and I was exhausted. That afternoon, I went to Madam Renaux's apartment, or condo. It is beautiful, and so stately. This is a picture out my bedroom window:

Every wall is wallpapered, almost all the floors are wood, some areas have tile floors, it creaks everywhere, the doors are ten feet tall, the ceilings are fourteen feet tall and have crown molding, there are hidden closets all over the place... all in all, the best place I could have gotten. Ever. The owner does not speak English, but luckily my roommate speaks English, French and Italian (she is Italian). Translating is difficult but she helps me understand Madam Renaux when needed.

We have had two orientation days on campus and classes start on Monday. As I am 9 hours ahead of those in Bellingham, the time change has been a little difficult.

I'll come back and get some more pictures up from my trip around Bordeaux with Melting Potes. 

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  1. daily life without leslie in bellingham, not sure i like this but six months will come and go and she will have a lifetime to enjoy her experiences.
    thank goodness for skype, fb and blogs!


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