Monday, January 16, 2012


Most people who know me know that I like to plan...

And I am stumped on how to plan travels outside of Bordeaux. I've heard of 20 euro flights, and have seen them. But none of them seem to leave from Bordeaux to somewhere I would like to go. But I shall prevail! I want to travel all over Europe while I'm here!

I've been asked many times where I want to go and my first thought is "Where do I not want to go?!"

My list of countries/cities to visit is about a mile long. I may have to cut some from the list. Or at least prioritize them. So difficult. If you have any suggestions for this, let me know! What can't I miss?

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  1. Louvre in Paris. The most incredible museum I have ever been to is the Deutches Museum in Munich. The Vatican, coliseum and lots of other spots in Rome. Holland was beautiful in the spring, but you've already seen tulip fields. Versaille or Fontainbleau chateaux.


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