Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some Food

Food Story 1
It's wonderful to learn a little French as I go, but I'm looking forward to knowing more. A friend from Australia, Ann-Marie, and I went for a walk around town yesterday. We ended up having lunch at a nice restaurant on the river. I didn't bring my French dictionary because I get tired of carrying my purse around. So I look at the salads and recognize some meats in them, but I'm not sure about all. 

The waitress comes to take our order and I say (this is spelled phonetically), "Juh swee vegetarion. Juh parl Englay." The waitress understands and points to a salad but says "Foie gra is okay?" I completely brain fart on what that is but thankfully my friend says, "It's pate, liver pate." 

Yuck! I say no and the waitress asks if I like pasta... a resounding YES! So I order a lasagna for 14 euros with a 14 minute wait. 

This is what I get:

Salad with Eggplant and Zucchini Lasagna
-- A restaurant along Le Garrone river

Probably the best entree I have had since getting to France, and it's Italian food (this must be a trend, I leave for Rome in about an hour). Real ricotta cheese, baked to a perfect golden top, brought out in the dish it was cooked in.

Food Story 2
A couple weeks ago, I won a laser tag game and received a 30 euro coupon to a restaurant in Place Victoire. Hellen and I went on a Sunday after mass and before my evening church service. We struggled with the menu until the waitress brings us an English menu. I decided to try the option that allows you to choose five items from a certain part of the menu for 15 euros.

We researched the phrases and words on the menu until the waitress helps us and shows me the two vegetarian options in that part of the menu. I go for it because there are about six dessert options and I can't resist. I choose three.

Yes, that is three desserts. Plus my friend's dessert in the background. 
-- At Cassolette

My desserts are a brownie with some kind of liquidy custard; a chocolate pudding-type dish with chocolate shavings; and baked apple with sugar covered in some yogurt/sour cream stuff.

So wonderful!

You can see from the picture that I resisted chowing down and clearing out each dessert. But I wanted to.

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