Monday, January 23, 2012

Wine Tasting

Well, this happened a little while ago, maybe my first week in France. The Melting Potes Association took us, with the wine association (AOC), wine tasting.

The proper procedure is:

1. Color, look at the wine.
2. Smell.
3. Aerate, swirl the wine in your glass.
4. Smell again. More scents should reveal themselves.
5. Sip.
6. Aerate, this is done by pulling in a little bit of air between your lips.
7. Swallow.

I fell in love with sweet white wine during this wine tasting. So wonderful. And Bordeaux wine is the best in France.

We were able to taste three wines, two white and one red. 

The group. 

I very much enjoyed learning the proper way to taste wine. While I was at the Chateau, though, the tour guide swirled her wine at about 100 miles per hour. I'm not sure if that's the proper way, or if it only takes slow swirling. It feels a little dangerous swirling so fast so I'll stick with my speed. 

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