Thursday, February 16, 2012

Italy, Day 4: Milan, Part 2 of 2

Milan was a big city and needs more than one post for just one day there. After Duomo, I headed over to San Lorenzo Maggiore, a basilica built at the end of the fourth century. But first, all the things I saw along the way...

Palazzo Reale south of Duomo

A beautiful building. 

A random statue. 

A cute flower vendor. 

Parco delle Basiliche

San Lorenzo Maggiore, 16 Roman columns of the Imperial age. 

San Lorenzo Maggiore facade. 
To the left is a bronze statue of  Emperor Constantine who issued the edict that granted freedom of worship to the Christians in 313 in Milan. 

Inside San Lorenzo Maggiore. 


I was too lazy (incredibly tired) to go inside Sant'Ambrogio, but I got to look at the outside. Not to mention there was construction going on outside so I wouldn't have known where to enter!

Southwest wall of Castello Sforzesco

Southwest tower of Castello Sforzesco

Southeast entrance of Castello Sforzesco

Fountain in front of entrance in Piazza Castello. 

Inside the main walls

This picture isn't that interesting, but the guide book had the same one and I happened to take this by accident. So I decided to include it here. 

The Sforza Castle had several museums inside, covering all of ancient history, including mummies.

I was stunned when I came across the next piece of artwork.

Above is a sculpture by Michelangelo. It is of the virgin Mary holding Jesus.

The sculpture is unfinished and was in the process of being fixed. Michelangelo changed the position of Jesus' arm and had not yet removed the marble from the old shoulder and arm.

The base of the sculpture. 

This is one of the only unfinished works of Michelangelo. I had no idea this castle and museum held this piece, but I spent quite some time studying it when I came across it.

At this point in my tour of Milan, I was quite tired. I had made a loop of my visits through downtown and was relatively close to Stazione Centrale. So I went in search of a place to sit down and relax. That's difficult to do in a foreign city so there were many sights along the way:

I don't mind being a complete tourist when needed (as pictured above). 

Teatro Strehler

I asked someone at the Teatro Strehler where the cinema was and went to see a movie in English. The only one was The Ides of March, which was very good. 

A beautiful church. 

Some sort of old entrance to the city, I believe. 

It started snowing! So cold!

Just two pretty buildings. 

Dessert at a restaurant. 

I ordered Hot Chocolate and ended up with something similar to warmed up Nutella mixed with some milk, maybe.

I tried my best to shoot a video of how viscous the hot chocolate was, although I'm not sure if you can really tell from this. 

By the time I left Milan, the snow was getting ridiculous, I almost landed on my butt ten times!

Near Stazione Centrale. 

All in all, a very successful trip! I left at 11pm from the train station and was back in Rome at 7am the next morning.

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