Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Italy, Day 7: Rome

This was my second to last day in Rome, so I was going to make the best of it -- even though I had to walk through a few inches of snow in tennis shoes for twenty minutes to get to the train station in Ciampino (a suburb of Rome where I stayed at a wonderful hostel). My first stop was the Coliseum to finish off my visit from the day before. Unfortunately, it was snowing: 

Snowing like crazy.

So the Coliseum (understandably) was closed. Don't want any lawsuits from tourists! So the less than an hour I spent at the Coliseum on Day 6 was the only time I had there. 

The snow was melting and I kept stepping in icy-cold puddles as I walked back to the metro station. I decided to go straight to the movie theater and watch another movie in Italian. I saw Hugo Cabret (it's just called Hugo in the US). I enjoyed the movie but the whole point of going to the theater was the bathrooms:

Bathrooms: not just for taking bad photos in a mirror. 

The bathrooms, I knew from previous experience, had pretty powerful air dryers. And my jeans and shoes were soaked. So I stripped to my leggings and used the air dryer on my shoes, socks, and jeans for about a half hour after the movie. And I wasn't caught!

I left the theater and was looking down the street for cars when I stepped off the curb into a giant icy puddle. All that work for only a couple minutes relief...

This was a pretty simple day for me, but I enjoyed being warm and relaxing for a little while.

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