Sunday, February 12, 2012

Italy, Day 1 & 2: Rome

I spent my first day in Rome in a small suburb called Ciampino, which is also where the airport is. My hostel was wonderful and the people there treat guests as they would like to be treated in a foreign country - like family.

I found a small park on the way to the train station in Ciampino:

The weather was incredibly warm compared to Bordeaux, maybe 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit! I was loving it.

The next day, I met with some friends who, separately, chose to go to Rome. We were able to meet for dinner at Roma Termini (a giant train station close to the center of Rome) and walk to a restaurant near their hostel. The food was fabulous!

And, yes, I ate the whole pizza! And a salad. The tomatoes used in the sauce and in the salad were so fresh and flavorful, I was blown away. This meal was, by far, the best meal I had while in Rome.

I was a little annoyed by the price of water. It is actually cheaper to drink wine than it is to drink water in Italy, and sometimes in France also! So I bring a water bottle with me everywhere and fill it up any chance I get. In Rome, that meant paying one euro to use the toilet and fill my water bottle in the sink. I got some funny looks, to say the least.

At this point, I hadn't done any sightseeing, but those posts/pictures will be coming soon!

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