Sunday, February 12, 2012

Italy, Day 3: Rome

A little sightseeing with friends was the agenda for day 3!

My first stop was Piazza della Repubblica, two large buildings facing a round-about with fountain in the middle:

The buildings seemed to just contain business mostly, like a McDonald's, The Space (a movie theater) -- I just realized that I didn't exactly explore this area very well. I know there were some nice (expensive) restaurants in the Repubblica, but I didn't walk the whole storefront.

Facing the Repubblica is Santa Maria degli Angeli. We did not go inside, but the building itself spoke to its historical treasure:

We stopped at a bar to warm up and ended up with some drinks and dessert. I had my first gelato in Italy!

My favorite of the three flavors I got (strawberry, hazelnut, and chocolate) was hazelnut! So good!

I was slightly jealous of Dabin's brownie and ice cream dessert, though!

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