Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chateau de Chantegrive

I went on another Chateau visit on the 9th of February!

Chateau de Chantegrive

This room may have challenged some of the other rooms full of wine barrels in terms of wine volume. 
Each bin had 500 bottles and there was room filled with stacks of these bins, usually four high. 

Workers just trying to get on with their job while us visitors got in the way. 

The process was somewhat automated for the bottles:

Is only one light bulb working, or is that just my halo? 

The tour guide opening one of the bottles we would taste. 
She didn't speak any English. 

The four wines we tasted. 

I enjoyed the two white wines, although they were dry. But I couldn't handle the two reds. I took a few sips of the less bitter red and dumped the rest. I could only take one sip of the more bitter red before dumping it.

One person in our group of four English speakers was taking wine from those of us that didn't like it, but he didn't want to get drunk, so dumping the wine was a better option than giving it to someone else. It's also not an insult to pour your glass out into the provided vase (it looks like a vase, but I'm pretty sure it's just called a spitter).

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