Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mid-Europe, Day 4, 5 & 6: Salzburg

Salzburg, the city of The Sound of Music. Alexandra was especially excited to see this city. I wasn't super pumped about it, but I was willing to do the touristy thing and explore with her. I fell in love with The Sound of Music, though. We watched it the night we got there, the hostel shows it every day at 7pm. Many of the scenes come alive when walking through Salzburg, although much of the movie was shot in LA.

Residenzgalerie on the right and the side of Dom, a church. 

Inside Residenzgalerie. 


Untersberg mountain in the Alps.

We took this thing up the Untersbergbahn. 

I had fries at the top of Untersberg mountain!

The sight from the start of the cable car journey. 

Festung Hohensalzburg, a castle on the top of the hill that held prisoners way back when. 

The view from the castle. 

Creepy marionettes inside the castle's marionette museum. 

They look like half mutilated dolls strung up. 

Very cool, old-school telephone operator set up. 

An old space heater!

This is in Domplatz. For a second I thought that someone had climbed up on the sphere, 
but he's just a statue. 

Excellent tofu yellow curry. 

The entrance to Mirabellgarten, where the children with Maria run on their first day of freedom. 

Part of the garden. 

This, we believe, is the fountain the kids and Maria ran around in their adventures. 

Yes, that is me being Maria!

Beautiful night view, on the top of the hill on the right is Festung Hohensalzburg. 

Zentrum river at night. 

We were able to look through Amadeas Mozart's birth house. 

This was his mother's kitchen. 

That very fuzzy violin was a gift to Mozart when he was four years old, after playing his first piece in front of the queen (if I remember correctly). 

Mozartplatz, dedicated to the musical genius after his death. 

The real Herr Georg Ritter von Trapp, the man that The Sound of Music was based on. 

Naval uniform of Corvette Captain Georg Ritter von Trapp. For reals!

Inside Dom. 

This is the stadium where the real von Trapp family sang before escaping, 
also where the movie was filmed for that scene. 

The nunnery where Maria lived before becoming a nanny to the von Trapp family. 

This is the gate that the children went to when they went to see Maria. 

I loved Salzburg and recommend it to anyone who even remotely likes The Sound of Music. If you do go, be sure to get the Salzburg Card at the tourism office. You can get one for 20-something euros that lasts 24 hours or one for 30-something that lasts 48 hours. It was definitely worth it! The cable car we took to the top of the mountain to see the alps was 25 euros alone. Each museum was about ten euros. If you're planning on going anywhere around Salzburg, this card is wonderful.

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