Thursday, March 29, 2012

Saint-Emillion, City Visit

Through Inter'action Bordeaux, I was able to go to a small town outside of Bordeaux, called Saint-Emillion. This city was founded by Emillion after he had performed many miracles in northeast France. He didn't like all the attention he received, so he traveled here and set up house in a cave. He was definitely a hermit, but still blessed the surrounding communities. Saint-Emillion (the town) is known for its wine. The town was named after the man, but he has nothing to do with the wine.

Inside his cave, there is a chair that is said to provide fertility for women. Not sure how that rumor started, and not sure I want to know.

The view of the city from near the bell tower in the next picture. 
There are about 90 permanent residents in the town. 

This bell tower weighs about 2 tons. Below it, the Benedictine monks carved out an underground church. They then sold all the limestone that they dug out and created one of Europe's largest underground churches. 
Recently, they discovered cracks in the ceiling and realized they needed to support the bell tower. Inside, no pictures allowed, there are new pillars installed to help support the tower. 

The planned menu was duck, so I ordered Salade Chevre et Pomme. That is salad with goat cheese and apple slices. It was amazing! There was some kind of green dressing that tasted incredible, I don't even know how to describe it. And the bread and cheese are always wonderful. 
That's Ann-Marie mugging for the picture. 

We went to Saint-Emillion Chateau, which is named after the town, not the saint. 

This distillery is made from cement, instead of the usual steel. The tour guide said that this regulates the temperature of the wine much better than the steel ones, although it is all done electronically. 

The tour guide pouring our wine. 
We tried three red wines here, and I dumped out most of them. 

The town was very cute and quaint. I had a lovely day in Saint-Emillion.


  1. I am so enjoying following your travels!

    1. Thank you! (Sorry this is such a late response, I just noticed that this post had a comment)
      I enjoy sharing my experiences! When I can get myself to sit down and actually write them! The pictures are the hardest. I take something like 500 pictures each time I'm on a one week trip. I have to be brutal with the pictures I keep.


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