Thursday, March 1, 2012

South France, Day 2 & 3: Montpellier

Montpellier was a pretty city with kind people. We arrived on the train at night and had only minor difficulties finding our hotel. Because it was Sunday, the clerk said, not many good restaurants were open for dinner. So we walked back to an Asian restaurant I had seen on our way to the hotel. We also saw a cinema on the way and decided to go see a movie after dinner, if we couldn't find one to watch online for free on my iPad.

Our server first mixed up our order with the table beside us, so I received a salad with shrimp before we were able to figure out the mix up. The salad above was delicious, though (sans shrimp)!

This was an apple donut, still warm from the fryer! 
The dough was crispy and wonderful, with sugar sprinkled on top and the inside was like apple sauce. I thoroughly loved it!

After dinner, we still had time to go to the cinema we had spotted. But we wanted to look for movies online first. And we really wanted popcorn. So we went in, Alexandra speaking French, and ordered popcorn. We were walking back out when the popcorn bucket slipped and hit the floor. Thankfully we didn't loose much from our 375cl bucket! We quickly walked out laughing. It was embarrassing enough to go to a cinema for just popcorn and no movie. Now they would never forget us!

Gaumont Cinema. 

Place de la Comedie. 
This is apparently one of the largest pedestrian areas in Europe. 

Eglise Saint-Roch. 

Les 3 Graces
Created in 1773 by Etienne d'Antoine. It's in the middle of Place de la Comedie. The original is in the Comedie opera house. 

We decided to start with the new part of town, called Antigone. The line we walked was called Marche D'Antigone.

Place du Nombre d'Or

The top edge of the buildings in Place du Nombre d'Or. 

Place du Millenaire looking on Place Zues. 

Place de l'Europe.

The curving walls around Place de l'Europe.

Place Royale du Peyrou. 
The monument is actually a Chateau d'Eau, which means water castle. Or, as we know it in the US, a water tower. This one was created in the 1800s and held the city's water reserves. 

Musee Fabre

Kiosque Bosc. 
It's one of the first reinforced concrete buildings in Montpellier, a privileged space for activities and concerts when the weather is nice. 

In the tourist train we took to discover much of the old town in the pictures above. 

Our hotel was the strangely shaped building in the center. 

The museums, because of the off season, weren't open until two or two thirty in the afternoon. But our train was at three thirty, so we needed to pass some time. We found a nice restaurant that served excellent cafes:

My sandwich was great too, but nothing fancy. 
It was filled with mozzarella, tomato, and olive oil with seasonings. 

While we were eating, a street musician started playing for all the restaurants on that strip. He later came through the outdoor seating and asked for money. Here's Stairway to Heaven, as performed in Montpellier:

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