Thursday, March 1, 2012

South France, Day 4 & 5: Nice

Nice was a beautiful city and we spent a lot of time on the beach. Since this was the cheapest place to stay, we were here for four nights and went to Monaco for a day in the middle of our stay. Getting to Nice, from Cannes, only cost about 1.40 euros. I was amazed at how cheap a train could be. But the cities are relatively close. Travel in South France was very inexpensive, compared to going out of the country. 

When we first walked from the train station to our hostel, we came across this beautiful church:

Basilique Notre Dame. 

After finding our hostel and meeting the two guys we would be sharing the room with, we decided to go out to dinner together, with a New Yorker we had met on the train the night before.

Our first meal in Nice with a few new friends we made in our travels. 

The next morning, the first stop was the beach!

Looking toward Port de Nice. 

We took another tourist train that let us off for ten minutes at the top of a lookout. What an amazing view! And we didn't have to walk uphill for an hour to see it!

The view from La Tour Bellanda. 

This was part of the Nice Carnaval (more on this in a later post). 

Mediterranean Sea in Nice!

Musee des Beaux-Arts. 

Isn't this beautiful? Carved in marble, yet it looks like she has a veil over her face. 
I discreetly touched it to make sure it wasn't an actual veil. 

Rue Bonheur
(1822, Bordeaux, 1899, Thomery en Seine-et-Marne)

The museum we went to after des Beaux-Arts was amazing. The whole building was like a museum: the furniture, the walls, the built-in cabinets, everything.

Palais Massena
Musee d'art et d'histoire.

I like to keep my entrance tickets, but at Palais Massena they take student tickets back when you walk in the front door. So I snapped a picture. 

The province we were in is called Cote d'Azur, the title of this book at the museum. 

Can never have too many mirror pictures!

Bataille de Rivoli 
14 January 1797

Closeup of Napoleon Bonaparte from the painting above. 

I wish I were back on the beach sipping this Cocktail Maison (i.e. homemade cocktail) right now. 

Do you see that?! Leslie's brownie! I guess they're all mine at the Buffalo Grill. 

Nice was beautiful, and we took our time with it. We had two and a half days to spend in this wonderful city.

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