Thursday, May 17, 2012

Two Cities, Day 2: Brussels

This was my first full day in Brussels and I saw everything I wanted to on my list for the day, even with my limp. My first stop was the top floor of a parking garage. It had a fabulous view:

The top (10th) floor of Parking 58 view. 

View toward the other side. 

I started walking around outside of the parking garage, in the opposite direction I came and found this beautiful church:


Tried to find a tourism office that, turns out, closed for the day a half hour earlier. But I found some beautiful sights.

This might be Place de la Monnaie Muntplein. 
Not sure. 

Nothing special about this picture, I just like it, and it's not even high quality. 

Didn't expect to see a drug sign until I got to Amsterdam, but there we go (and they don't even label them drug shops, but coffee shops). 

And this street had a ton of construction going on. In one of the areas that the road was ripped up and there was some smooth dirt, two men were playing boccie ball. Reminded me of Boulevard Park, in an odd way. 

Somewhat sure that this is the stock exchange Beurs/Bourse. 

Possibly the same building but from the other side. Really not sure. 

Could just see the Rathaus at Grote Markt/Grand Place that I really explored the next day. 

Front door of a church. 

Same church. 

Apparently fries were invented by the Belgians and this is something that you can't miss while you're in Brussels -- or anywhere in Belgium. These fries were excellent!

Chocolate shops everywhere! And yes, I tried some Belgian chocolate! 
Just takes a little effort with a split/swollen lip. 

My first day wandering around was quite successful and I really enjoyed the Belgians. It's a completely different culture from France and I ran into many tourists. This was a wonderful day

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