Friday, June 8, 2012

Chateau D'Issan

This place had a moat!

I've seen these watchtower type things in many vineyards, but I really don't know why they're there. And no one else seems to know either. 

Finally, some green on the vines. 

This was one of the most ridiculous looking farming machines I've ever seen. 

Entering over the moat. 

Once through the archway, there was this whole building behind it. 


That's a bit of a lie, because I didn't like the wine, too red.

The tour guide was speaking in French, but I noticed that she said something about Americans. On the ride back to the university, I asked the driver what she had said. She said that Americans tend to buy their wine and drink it right away, but the French will hold onto a bottle for years before drinking it. Wow. Way to generalize a whole nation. Yes, I buy wine and drink it right away, but there are so many people out there in the US that will hold onto unopened bottles... ever hear of a wine cellar? Grrrr! Made me so mad.

I know stereotypes are normal, and a natural part of the way we remember things and categorize, but, seriously, a nation almost as diverse as the whole of Europe cannot be generalized into one type.

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