Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One week in Boston

The T subway station
Davis Square, Somerville, MA
I don't have anything insightful for you, but I've survived my first week in Boston - but not really in Boston. I live in Somerville, a town within thirty minutes of Boston by the T (the public transportation system).

The flight out here was decent. I took a red eye at 11 pm from SeaTac and arrived in Boston at 4 am PST, 7 am EST. The first day was a doozy. My roommate took me grocery shopping and we walked Davis Square, where we're hoping to plant the church.

For the past week I have been job searching, hanging out with the church peeps and my roomies, watching Netflix, and getting to know the T.

What I can tell you from this short time: Boston has something happening all the time. This past weekend, there were no less than four festivals happening just in Somerville (an area that is 4.2 square miles according to Google).  And there are produce markets all over the place on the weekend.

There are about sixty universities and colleges in Boston proper. Which completely smashes Bellingham's informal title of a 'college town'. Harvard, Cambridge, Suffolk, Tufts, Emerson, MIT - all are in Boston.

There is rich soil for the Gospel.

Cambridge Carnival outfit

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