Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Checkup & Praise

I have some updates for you! 
  • I went to the optometrist yesterday for a checkup (with my fancy free health insurance) and now need a referral from my PCP (primary care physician) for a retina specialist. I've had a few symptoms of my retina getting tugged on, potentially causing a tear needing laser surgery. This is mostly due to a normal aging process within the eye exacerbated by severe nearsightedness, which stretches the retina. Going blind is one of my worst fears, as I'm sure most people understand, so my new optometrist referring me to a specialist scared me. I was told the worst case scenario is very unlikely so they are referring me to the specialist to reassure me that all is well. Please pray that the best case scenario happens for my eyes. 
  • I finally have my car insurance settled, praise the Lord! Now it's time to change my registration and driver's license. The never-ending paperwork has arrived. I would love for the rest of this to go smoothly. 
  • We've been brainstorming at Redeemer how to serve the community and old anxieties are back. I never want to approach a friendship with an agenda; it's easily discovered and hurts the relationship in the long run. I also tend to derive some of my value from how many friends I have... not in my identity as God's daughter. Please pray for me, send me scripture, remind me who I belong to! 
  • It's time to work on job searching. My resume is prepped, so delaying is no longer an option. But I do ask that you pray for wherever I end up; pray that it would be a healthy environment with supportive supervisors and coworkers. 
Thank you for your prayers. Every time I begin to wonder if God is acting and listening, I remember that my friends surrounded me with their prayers and warm wishes and then God answered! 

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