Monday, July 7, 2014

God is good

Jamaica Pond, Boston, MA July 2014
He really is good. I should never question Him, but it's so easy to do when life gets difficult.

Also, you lovely people are wonderful! Your response was beautiful and encouraging, and brought me to tears.

Answered Prayers:

  1. My aunt and uncle were in town this weekend and we were able to have dinner together on Saturday. This has done wonders for my homesickness. Their son and daughter-in-law plan to visit in a couple weeks for a work conference and hopefully we'll be able to meet up as well. 
  2. My housing situation is settled! I will be living near Davis Square with three fantastic women that I'm excited to share life with. 
  3. I took my car to the shop today for an inspection. They found nothing. Please keep praying that the engine problem that began while on the cross-country road trip doesn't reappear. Having a car here is extremely convenient and I'm hopeful that I won't need to sink $3,000 into it! 
  4. The bill I received for an ER visit in January may now be covered entirely by Mass Health (I'm fine now, the problem was minor and resolved). I am waiting to hear back from the hospital, but it looks like the $1,600 bill is going to be 100% covered by insurance! 
  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying for me and encouraging me! You answered my prayer by coming here and reading last week's post and this one and then doing something about it! God hears, He answers. 

New Prayer Requests:

  1. Without going into details, I would like to find a healthy workplace that has opportunities for friendship with coworkers and the public. I want God to take the lead in this, rather than me running around applying to any and every job and snatching up the first one that comes my way (although the first one may be the right one, we'll see). 
  2. The next step for the car: registering it in MA, which requires approximately $500. After that, insurance within the state. 
  3. I am finally seeing a primary care physician (PCP), optometrist, and dentist. Yikes! I would love for these visits to go well and that Mass Health would still cover me during the dates of service. 
  4. Money is a common thread throughout these prayers. My security may be too entwined with how much money I have and need to spend. I'm not sure what I'm asking for here, but I would like to find my security in Christ. 
I am so grateful that putting my request for help out there was met with support and love. Thank you for being my family in Christ! 

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