Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Prayer Requests

I am asking for prayer. If you have ever wondered what I'm up to in Boston, know that God is good and I am always in need of prayer. I am writing this to let you know that you can support whatever I'm doing by praying for me personally and the church as a whole.

I have a tendency to wait until desperate times to reach out. No more.

Lately I've been broken down to the point where I know that I can never live this life alone. I had begun to get prideful, assuming I could go through life and get things done and -- sure, God was there -- but I was the one getting things done. Thankfully, the Spirit made this sin clear to me and I asked God to remove my pride. He did so (we've yet to see how long this lesson lasts).

How has my pride been broken down? By several things hitting me at once. I maybe could have handled this one at a time, but never all together. I need God. And I need prayer.

  1. I've been looking for housing for several months now (I started early) and nothing panned out. I need a new lease for September and a house for next year didn't seem to be forthcoming. (It's possible that this request is being answered right now, I'll update the blog when I know for sure.)
  2. I made my identity about what others thought of me. With one critique, my identity was painfully shattered. 
  3. I drove across the U.S. with a very good friend (this was awesome!) and about 2,000 miles and three days into the trip, the transmission needed to be replaced (this was not awesome.). With a possible $3,000 repair breathing down my neck and approximately 1,300 more miles to go over the next two days, I sank into self pity. 
  4. I miss my family. I miss saying I love you to their faces. I miss seeing my niece grow up every day. I miss randomly going out with my parents and my sister's family for dinner or shopping with my mom and sister. I miss their hugs. 
No, I don't think God is laughing maniacally while he strips away my pride. He is my loving Father who cares deeply about what is good for me. I do believe my sin has placed me in several situations that have made things very difficult. And I know I can't do this alone, without God nor without community.

I will continue to post prayer requests to this blog, hopefully before it feels like my world is falling apart. And, hopefully, these posts will be short. Maybe some of them will be more about praise than need; we'll see.

I humbly ask that you pray for me consistently. One way to do this is to subscribe to this blog via email. That way I can post prayer requests in one place and know that all of you lovely people are praying for specific needs. It also insures that I don't get forgotten among thoughts of your grocery list and weekend plans.

Please pray for me.

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